“A personal brand is the total experience of someone having a relationship with who you are and what you represent as an individual; as a leader” – Glenn Llopis

Fact is, being relatable to others is done by sharing the wonder of who you are in open and vulnerable ways without much staging. Showing that you are dealing with the things many of your clients are dealing with while also celebrating life’s moments the same way brings forth online followers to convert over to ideal clients with ease. 

So, what's your story?

Choosing a storyline to share in your marketing online visually starts these authentic connections. How might this look in your personal plot twists and turns in life?  It’s my job as your personal brand photographer to inspire these specific chapters to help build your personal brand goals. 

I use the below Conspire Design Life Map found in Feng Shui and many modes of counseling to help you brainstorm.

That spark becomes your wow factor

What sets off the spark in you to lead, inspire, create impact, and offer new ideas to the world? 

You are always the main character of the story 

Your business is secondary. A relationship forms this way when one can see you in the midst of your day, even if it is cray cray and hectic, or as stagnant as theirs. The will and can relate.

Getting vulnerable, being sincere and truly un-posed is the new little black dress when it comes to creating relationships with your audience and clients online.  

Personal branding is no longer an option

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